Your business ­– There are many software packages on the market today. It can be difficult to decide and select which one is best for the business. For new businesses we usually recommend ‘off the shelf’ software such as Sage line 50 or TAS Books Software for your bookkeeping solutions. We are familiar with these packages and will assist with the set up of the bookkeeping system. The system will be set up to allow accurate VAT calculations and monthly accounting.

As the system will be designed correctly, we expect your Accountants to spend less time on the year end financial statements resulting in a lower cost for you. The system will also give you a good estimate of your operating business position with regard to bank, cash, creditors, debtors etc. The cost of the software (including set-up) is one-off unless you purchase additional cover or support.

Our business­ – we use bespoke systems and software to present information to you. What this means is that we can provide you with any financial information relating to your business activities to suit your needs. Many clients find that this is useful because it meets specific requirements and it supports important decisions and they are able to benchmark or compare results to other periods. In addition to these packages we use retail packages that you are familiar with, such as sage line 50 and TAS Books.